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A user-friendly design
A user-friendly design
Showcase your photos and videos in an attractive and user-friendly space. Easy to use, Joomeo allows you to preserve, organize and share your most beautiful memories in just a few clicks.

Take advantage of the large number of features available when you create your own Joomeo space.
An ultra modern and intuitive interface
An ultra modern, intuitive interface for easy management of your HD videos and photos.

Create lots of albums and add as many photos and videos as you want! Choose the display size for your photos. Organize your files in different albums with an easy “drag/drop” function.
Easily share your files
Easily share  your files with your contacts and network.

Create or import your contacts from your address book, then organize them into groups (friends, family, work...) and set specific privileges and a login/password. Manage and view Joomeo spaces in your network directly from your account.
Full-screen slideshows
Full-screen slideshows, RSS feeds...: view or share your albums through many channels.

Email, website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed: it's never been so easy to publish your photos and videos. Add your favorite music to your slideshows. Link Rss  Link Facebook  Link Twitter

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