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Create your own Joomeo applications and plug-ins
Joomeo Developer Center

The Joomeo application programming interface (API) allows you to develop your own applications for content created on Joomeo.

Create your own Joomeo applications and plug-ins

Joomeo is an internet application that allows you to store, share and manage your photos and videos.

Joomeo allows you to upload and easily organize your photos and videos. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you, with a simple drag/drop function, to quickly create a multimedia library.

Joomeo was entirely developed to allow you to control access to your files and share them in private networks. You can invite your contacts or let them know when new photos are available by sending them an email directly from Joomeo.

Managing access privileges allows you to definitively define, for each contact, whether or not they may download your files or add their files to your Joomeo space.

Joomeo services

We allow you to build your own applications around Joomeo. You can manage photos, albums, contacts…from a Joomeo space.

You will need an API key to begin. The XML-RPC language is used to interact with the service.

Start with our API

Everyone is free to develop an application using their Joomeo data with our API. Just follow a few steps to develop your first application:

  • Read the Joomeo API documentation
  • Open a Joomeo account, if you have not already done so.
  • In the "My space" section of your account, generate an API key (public or business)


To use the Joomeo API, you must have an API key. You may use your own key for each application and for each request between your application and the Joomeo API. This also allows us to determine which settings it applies to so that we can approve its use with regard to our general conditions.

We encourage you to develop business applications to develop your activity on the Joomeo platform. There are a few limitations on business applications, please contact us for more details.

Please note: the Joomeo name and logo are the property and brands registered by Photoweb and cannot be used without permission.


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