Frequently Asked Questions

How can I retrieve my earnings?

Once your profits reach €50 Ex. Tax or more, you can submit a payment request to Joomeo. This can be done from the "MY REVENUE" section of your store.
  1. Click the "PAYMENT REQUEST" button on your dashboard.
  2. An invoice submission request will then automatically be sent to the Joomeo space administrator by our system.You will find everything needed to prepare the invoice to send to Joomeo in this email:
    1. Payment request N°
    2. Payment request date
    3. Customer details
    4. Customer order reference
    5. Profits Ex. Tax
    6. Total Ex. Tax
    7. Photoweb' invoicing address
    All this information will be contained in the body of the email as well as in an attached file in CSV format (compatible with Excel and all other spreadsheet packages).
  3. Send a reply to this email with your invoice attached (the address to send your invoice to is Your invoice must contain all the information sent to you in the invoice submission request, including any VAT you are subject to.
  4. You can find your payment request history in the "MY REVENUE" section. Each displayed row corresponds to a payment request you have submitted and contains the request status (awaiting invoice, processing, completed) together with a "+DETAILS" button. This button gives you access to the "Request details" document, which contains all the information pertaining to the request.

    When the status of your payment request is "Awaiting invoice", another button, "RESEND", is displayed at the side of the "+DETAILS" button. This allows you to resend an invoice submission request in cases where the response to a prior request has been lost, not received, or accidentally deleted.
  5. Once your invoice has been received, our team will verify its validity. If it conforms to requirements, the amount due will be paid within the time limit indicated in our Terms of Use.
    If it does not conform to requirements (due to information missing, inconsistent data or for any other reason), you will received an email alert informing you of this fact.
  6. Once payment has been made, the payment request status changes to "Completed" and the payment date appears in the "Request details" document.

Tutorials & Videos

Maybe now is a good time to take a few minutes to see the main functions offered by Joomeo. We have prepared a few tutorials and videos on this topic for you:

Your first steps on Joomeo

In just a few minutes, discover Joomeo's main functions.

Store and organize

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Share your photos and videos

simply in total security

Create and share

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Order your photos

from a range of customized products

Create and order

your photo books directly from your Joomeo space

Create your private network

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Create your Joomeo store

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With Joomeo Desktop,

easily upload your files from your computer to your joomeo space or download them from your joomeo space to your computer