Frequently Asked Questions

My banking information has changed. How can I update these details in my store?

You can modify the banking information you use with your Joomeo store whenever you want.

Simply click the "BANKING INFORMATION" button and make your changes. The new banking information will then be used for all future payment requests.

If you submit a payment request before making your changes, the bank transfer will be made using the banking information held at the time you made the payment request.

Tutorials & Videos

Maybe now is a good time to take a few minutes to see the main functions offered by Joomeo. We have prepared a few tutorials and videos on this topic for you:

Your first steps on Joomeo

In just a few minutes, discover Joomeo's main functions.

Store and organize

your photos and videos in your Joomeo space

Share your photos and videos

simply in total security

Create and share

your most beautiful slideshows in only a few clicks

Order your photos

from a range of customized products

Create and order

your photo books directly from your Joomeo space

Create your private network

with all your contacts registered on Joomeo

Create your Joomeo store

and develop your business activity

With Joomeo Desktop,

easily upload your files from your computer to your joomeo space or download them from your joomeo space to your computer