Unlimited storage

Store an unlimited number of photos and videos in a secure space.

Whatever their format or size, safeguard your photos and videos in an unlimited, secure space. Your files will be permanently stored in their original format on servers located in France, under the strictest security and control.

Save your files in your permanent and unlimited personal space.

No limit! Easily protect your photos and videos in their original format in an always-accessible space with unlimited capacity. Whatever the format or size of your files*

*200 MB per Photo and 2GB per Video / jpg, png, gif, avi, mov, mpg, mp4, tiff, raw, pdf, ...

Archive or retrieve your files at any time. Quick and easy, wherever you are.

Quickly archive and retrieve your files and videos in batches. Your files have never been so well protected, your space is accessible anytime 24/7 with any kind of browser.

Secure hosting in a data center that meets the strictest standards.

Joomeo uses the strictest security standards: your files are preserved in data centers that use the latest technological innovations to provide optimal protection.