Your photos,
your smiles

With Joomeo, preserve
and share your most beautiful memories


Secure space
Files stored without being compressed. Respect for private data.


Private sharing with the use of a log-in and password Public, social networks, and slide show sharing

Photo Lab

Photo books, prints, enlargements, posters, plexi glass, aluminum, photo gifts.

Tools and Apps

iOS and Android apps, LR plugin, and file transfer manager.

Save what matters

Focus on your passion: photography.
For everything else, Joomeo provides you with a complete solution for storing and sharing your photos that will make your life easier.

Your needs, your subscription

Our offers vary based on your needs Choose your subscription, and have the freedom to modify it to adapt your space to your expectations.

50 GB

2,60 per month
  • 25,90€
    per year

100 GB

4,90 per month
  • 48,90€
    per year

1 TB

9,50 per month
  • 94,90€
    per year

50 GB

2,60 CHF per month
  • 25,90 CHF
    per year

100 GB

4,90 CHF per month
  • 48,90 CHF
    per year

1 TB

9,50 CHF per month
  • 94,90 CHF
    per year

Need more?

Experience every moment intensely - we protect them for you

Your images benefit from the cutting edge technology of an infrastructure hosted in France, managed by a team of enthusiasts.

Stay connected

privately with your loved ones or teams, or publicly with the entire world!

Your photos and videos don’t all have the same audience, but they are all there in the same box.
It’s up to you to decide who will benefit from your personal photos, professional shoots, or public albums.

Get the most out of your photos

Prints, photo books, posters, gift items… choose the format that will give your memories the space they deserve. In any case, we offer you the best!

We offer you a new play area for your photos and videos

Do you have any questions?

We can't tell everything in a few words, so we have put together some of our most frequently asked questions here. If you don't see your question, contact us!

Your files are kept in their original format (no compression or reduction in definition), there is no advertising, and the idea of confidentiality is our #1 concern…

Joomeo is a 100% French platform that pays particular attention to protecting your files and data.

We consider your space a sanctuary in which you must be able to store your most precious photos and videos with complete confidence.
Our entire infrastructure was designed to meet this requirement, and our team of experts keeps a watchful eye on things 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

First and foremost, Joomeo is a tool for privately sharing photos, videos, and other multimedia files. This means that no one can see or do anything in your space without being authorized to do so.

Each of your contacts has a personal login and password, and you can determine exactly which albums they can access, and the specific permissions they get.

You can also publicly share whatever images you choose – meaning without any logins or passwords, for example, through social networks or on a blog.

There are public links to files, albums, and slideshows to do this.

Those who wish can even create an excellent portfolio by activating a public space, where they can gather the public albums of their choice.

Not at all!

The principle of Joomeo is to allow you to share your images easily and with complete freedom. Your guests don’t have to register or install anything on their computer or mobile device in order to benefit from the things you share.

When you launch your invitation, your contacts receive a customizable email from you, where they will find the link to your space and the login credentials you have chosen for them. They just have to click and enjoy.

But to be perfectly honest, there’s a good chance that they’ll register soon after they see your albums!

Of course! Joomeo was designed to meet the needs of anyone who takes photos and videos.

We’ve done everything to make your Joomeo space welcoming and easy to use. But we also offer some more advanced options to meet the requirements of professional photographers, such as the management of IPTC and EXIFs, or the possibility of setting up a shop to sell your images.

Get started! Create your space and you’ll quickly see that Joomeo adapts perfectly to your operating mode, whatever it may be.

Joomeo is a photo cloud that allows you to store and share all kinds of photos and videos.

Here is a complete list of accepted file types:

  • Photos : jpg, png, gif, tiff, raw (dng, cr2, raf, nef, etc.).
  • Videos : avi, mov, mpg, mp4.
  • Other files: pdf, ai, eps, psd.

You're never alone,   no matter what happens!

Our team is just a mouse click away. If you feel lost or have specific questions, we will respond within 24 hours…with a smile.

Your photos available in any circumstance

Thanks to our mobile apps and our interface (which is compatible with all browsers), your photos and videos remain available wherever you are. Therefore, your images are on hand at all times, and you regularly create new albums without constraint of time or place.

You're passionate - and so are we!

We share the same passion as you: photography. That’s why we have created a space for you, with a sharp design that highlights your images. You spend a lot of time fine-tuning your framing, working on lighting, etc., and you need a space that does justice to your investment. When you share your albums using Joomeo, you can be sure that your contacts will enjoy your images in the best possible conditions.

Capture the moments of everyday life, and we take care of it for you.

Photos and videos represent your life memories. Rely on a faithful and available partner to take care of these bits of history. With the tip of your finger or your mouse, drag your images into a secure space that allows you to share your photos with complete peace of mind. And if you feel like it, you can create a splendid album or a slideshow in just a few clicks.

Are you a professional photographer? Perfect! We are photo pros!

Professionals like you need solid and efficient services. Thanks to our infrastructure located in France, entirely managed by our team of experts, you can rest easy when it comes to the security of data and files hosted in your Joomeo space. In addition, the design of your photo albums leaves plenty of room for your images to enhance them.

Highlight your photos with Joomeo slideshows.

With the slideshow feature, it’s never been easier to share your photos in a unique way! With one click you can publish your albums on whatever medium you choose: your website, your blog, or even in a forum. You can also share them by email with a simple copy/paste. In short, share them however you want!