What Joomeo offers
for your photos and videos

Joomeo respects your images and their integrity is of fundamental importance in our view! We therefore never resize them and do not apply any compression to them.

When you or your contacts download files stored in your albums, there are no alterations at all; the images you retrieve are the same as the original ones: your photos remain authentic and genuine.


Free, without ads, and 100% private!

When you subscribe to Joomeo, you get 5 GB of storage and sharing space 100% free together with access to all the available features.

However, you won’t find any advertising in your Joomeo space, and nor will your contacts.

This is because we believe that your data, such as your photos and videos, must remain your property, and we never sell or profit from it commercially.
This is all part of the commitment we make.


We respect your privacy and your data

Our servers are all hosted in France. This enables us to fully manage the content on them and guarantee your privacy is respected.

And from your point of view, you get to keep complete control of your images thanks to our private sharing features. Because you only share your photos with known contacts to whom you have granted specific permissions, they are kept safely sheltered from prying eyes.

And if you still have doubts, simply add a watermark to all your images to protect them from any form of screen capture.


Create and share
your own slideshows

Create your own slideshows by adding music to your albums
and controlling the speed at which the images are displayed.
Add photos and videos on the fly, with your slideshow
updated in real time.

Import your metadata

IPTC, EXIF, keywords, captions, etc. All the information
contained in your photos and certain videos is
retained and can be viewed in your Joomeo space.
The keywords are even included in the criteria available
in our search feature.

Add all your images, no matter what type they are

Jpg, png, heif, heic, gif, tiff, raw, pdf, psd, eps, ai pour les photos, avi, mov, mpg, mp4, hevc for videos: we accept virtually all image formats. You have practically no


The more I find out about Joomeo’s features,
the more I like it.
It’s got to be said that
it’s a big challenge: I have several thousand photos to sort out, store
and share. Joomeo really is the tool I needed.
And you’ve got the Joomeo team there ready to help and support users too.

Anne Marie


Your memories at your fingertips, wherever you are

Imagine always having access to your photos and videos, wherever you are. It's now a reality, thanks to our mobile applications and web interface compatible with all browsers. You no longer have to worry about time constraints or geolocation. Your precious memories are available at any time, in the palm of your hand. You can create new albums at your own pace, with no limits.

Share your passion for photography with Joomeo

We share your passion for photography. That’s why we’ve designed an elegant space that makes the most of your images. You invest time in every detail of your shots, fine-tuning your framing, working the light with care, and much more. You deserve a place that pays tribute to your artistic commitment. By sharing your albums on Joomeo, you can be sure that your contacts will appreciate your creations in optimum conditions.

Protect and share your precious memories with complete peace of mind

Your photos and videos are precious testimonies to your life. You can count on us, a reliable partner who is always available, to take care of these precious fragments of your story. With a simple gesture, from your smartphone or your computer, you can put your images in a secure space, guaranteeing you total peace of mind. What’s more, in just a few clicks you can create stunning albums or captivating slideshows.

Joomeo, the ideal choice for professional photographers.

If you’re a professional photographer, we’re your ideal partner. We know that professionals like you need high-performance, robust services. Our infrastructure, located in France and managed by a team of experts, ensures total security for your data and files hosted in your Joomeo space. What’s more, the design of your photo albums is designed to highlight your images.

Brighten up your photos with Joomeo slideshows

With the slideshow function, sharing your photos in an original way has never been so easy! With just one click, you can publish your albums on the platform of your choice: your website, your blog or even a forum. You can also easily share them by e-mail using copy and paste. In short, you’re totally free to share your precious photographic creations as you see fit and showcase your artistic talents with Joomeo.