An answer for every need.

Whether you’re a professional, a fan, or just an amateur photographer, it doesn’t matter. We offer you the best for your photos and videos.

The interface of your Joomeo space
Save and organize your images,
in a private and secure space.
  • Automatic backup of photos and videos from your connected devices.
  • Unlimited number of files, albums, and folders.
  • File storage in original format.
  • Max size for photos: 200 MB.
  • Accepted formats: jpg, png, heif, heic, gif, tiff, raw, pdf, psd, eps, ai.
  • Max size for videos: 2 GB.
  • Max duration: unlimited.
  • Play videos online.
  • Accepted formats: avi, mov, mpg, mp4, hevc.
  • Import of IPTC data.
  • EXIF data management.
  • Keyword management.
Share your photos and videos,
and manage your contacts’ rights precisely.
  • They are identified by a unique and customizable login and password.
  • Unlimited number of contacts.
  • Customized rights for each contact: downloading, importing, ordering prints, leaving comments.
  • Advanced rights for the contacts of your choice: creating albums, deleting files and/or added albums, etc.
  • Real-time modification of rights and items shared.
  • Tree structure for contacts.
  • Organization of contacts in groups.
  • Private network of Joomeo users.
  • Easy publication to social networks.
  • Integrated messaging (invitations, update information).
  • Up to 1000 emails per day (invitations, update information).
Manage how your images are distributed,
right from your Joomeo space.
  • Content can be shared without logins or passwords.
  • Several sharing modes: slideshows, public albums, and the public space.
  • Real-time modification of accessible content;
  • Easy sharing on social networks.
  • Easily integrated into a website or blog (images and slideshows).
  • Audio for slide shows.
You can ask for more,
because your Joomeo space is at the core of your image management.
  • Mobile apps for your iOS and Android devices.
  • Import plugin for Lightroom.
  • Joomeo Transfer & Joomeo Desktop, the standalone applications to easily manage your imports and downloads without using your computer’s browser.
  • Protect photos and videos by adding watermarks.
  • Unlimited access to the support center for personalized answers and advice.
  • No advertising, even in the shared items.
Joomeo is the perfect solution for image professionals -
we offer services suited perfectly for their specific needs.
  • Personalize your space and send invitation emails with your logo (a paid option).
  • Free activation of a sales area for your photos, supported by our lab’s services and products.

Your needs, your subscription

Do you have questions?

We can't say everything in just a few words, so we've gathered some of the questions that are frequently asked here. If you don't see yours, contact us!
Yes, you can modify the watermark text in the “Import” section of your account preferences. We also have several options for watermark placement and intensity, depending on the degree of protection you want to adopt.
Just request this service from our support center. You will be put in contact with an advisor who will handle your request and guide you along the way.
Private sharing requires your visitors to login and enter a password before they can access your space. It allows you to personalize the albums each of your contacts can access and the authorizations each contact has. In other words, private mode guarantees complete control over who can see your content and what they can do with it. Public links are designed to encourage wide distribution of your photos and videos, including to people you don’t know. If you keep control of actions such as downloading files or ordering prints, re-sharing your images via social networks or any other online media is supported by buttons that clearly encourage these actions. In short, public links are designed to allow you to promote your talents as a photographer or videographer with just a few clicks.
We have created an excellent tool for this – the Joomeo Desktop-Transfer Manager. With a simple drag and drop, you import all your files into your space while keeping your disc’s tree structure on Joomeo. In addition, you can stop and restart transfers as you like depending on your needs, and this is also very significant!