The Joomeo plugin for your Lightroom application.

Lightroom Plugin

Connect your favorite software to your Joomeo space
No need to change your habits: with the Joomeo, Lightroom plug-in, you can publish your photos in your space without leaving your favorite software…

Main uses:

  • Directly import photos
  • Directly import videos
  • Import IPTC data (captions, keywords)
  • Import EXIF data

How to install the plug-in:

Decompressing the archive file:

For Windows, decompress the zipped file content in the “Plug-in” file found in the installation file in your version of Lightroom

For Mac OSX, decompress the zipped file content in the “Adobe Lightroom” file found in your applications

Adding the plug-in to lightroom:

  1. Open the external plug-in manager via the “File” menu in Lightroom
  2. Via the external plug-in manager, click on the “Add” button and select the joomeo.lrplugin plug-in
  3. After validating, the Joomeo plug-in should appear in the list and is automatically activated. If it is not activated, simply click on the Activate button in the “Status” section of the plug-in.

First time using the plug-in:

  1. Click on “Export…” then, from the dropdown “Export list” select Joomeo
  2. Enter the login information for your Joomeo account (to find your account name, go to “My Profile” on your Joomeo account, your account name is at the end of the url (“demo” in the screen shot)
  3. Click on “Login”
  4. Wait for the album list to load, then select an album or enter the name of a new album (this album will be created when exporting photos)
  5. Configure the export settings to Lightroom
  6. Click on “Export”
Managing your profile in Joomeo.

What the plug-in looks like:

Here is a screen shot of the Joomeo plug-in for Lightroom as it should appear when opened:

Interface du plugin Lightroom de Joomeo.

Important information for mac users:

We have found a small problem with Macs. After entering your password, do not click on the “Login” button, otherwise the field is empty and the connection doesn’t work. You must either validate by clicking “ENTER”, or click next to the field and then click the “Login” button.