Once upon a time, there was Joomeo

A story that was created with you

Joomeo was born in 2007 from the needs of Florian, one of the brand’s founders. No, he wasn’t in the back of his garage somewhere in a small town in the U.S. Florian was in the living room of his apartment in the suburbs of Lyon, and he needed to share some photos with relatives. There wasn’t a simple and user-friendly solution for sending images. Therefore, he decided to create the tool he needed…

A simple and user-friendly solution for sending images.

In a few weeks, what was supposed to remain a personal site with a few features became an advanced media management and sharing platform…

Thanks to its smart interface and user-friendliness, Joomeo quickly made a name for itself among the emerging photo storage and sharing solutions.

Investors quickly realized the potential of such a platform and supported the project.

Innovating and moving forward

Joomeo has continued to grow incessantly by developing new features, such as creating photo books and Joomeo stores.

Since 2018, Joomeo has been a member of the Photoweb group, one of the major players on the French web. It’s another step that has opened up new perspectives.

Innovation remains the driving force behind Joomeo, which continues to focus on protecting its users’ data, now more than ever.

Innovation remains the driving force behind Joomeo.

This is why, from our beginnings, we have always chosen to manage our entire infrastructure ourselves and host it in France, in data centers that meet the most stringent security standards. This allows us to assure you perfect control of the data stored on your Joomeo space.

Reinventing ourselves and moving forward

Since our beginnings, many things have evolved! The Internet is no longer exactly the same, technology has advanced, and our team has transformed to keep up with these changes.

However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed, and that is the special connection that we have created with our users.

We are always in direct contact with you, thanks to interactions with our support center or on our blog. Thus, we better understand your needs and expectations, because you remain at the heart of our concerns and our commitments.

In other words, we built Joomeo with you, and we will continue this journey together.