Joomeo's features

Joomeo, the most complete storage and sharing solution for managing your photos and videos.

Joomeo offers you unlimited storage space, but that's not all! We also offer you a large number of effective tools and services to preserve, share, and enhance all your photos and videos.

With Joomeo, your photos can be accessed from any computer, and they go with you everywhere - on your phone, your tablet, and even your smart TV!
A photo lab is also available so you can order prints directly from there or create beautiful photo books.

Store and organize your photos and videos

Joomeo offers a simple solution for saving and managing your photos and videos in a private and secure space available 24/7, wherever you are.

The simple and ultra-modern Joomeo interface will guide you in protecting and managing all of your files in their original format. Create as many albums as you want and add all of your photos and videos. With the simple "drag/drop" function, organize your album files into a tree structure. Create your own keywords for your photos to facilitate your searches.

Joomeo also provides connectors you can use to upload your files directly from your favorite software (Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto)

Share your files and manage your contacts

Manage and inform your contacts, monitor your sharing…Joomeo integrates all of the tools to make sharing your photos and videos easy.

Create your contacts and give them a login/password to access your Joomeo space. Organize your contacts into groups (friends, family, work...). Limit access to your albums with a simple drag/drop function for contacts or groups. Manage authorizations to download your original files and/or publish other files in your albums for each contact. New album, news, an event? With just one click you can let your contacts know, whether or not they are Joomeo users.

Manage your Joomeo space network (friends, family, pro)

Without leaving your space, you can navigate through all of the Joomeo spaces you have access to.

A friend, your photographer, a client…are they sharing their photos on a Joomeo space? You will automatically be informed and you can choose whether or not to accept them in your Joomeo network. Do you think a friend might have photos to share with you? Search for them and send a request to access their beautiful photos. Just copy their photos into your own albums with the simple “drag/drop” function. Create your community on Joomeo.

Develop your business activity thanks to our online stores

Take advantage of your Joomeo space to generate revenue with your photos!

Create a sales space for your photos with just a few clicks, and take advantage of Joomeo's services to make your activity profitable more easily.

Thanks to our photo lab, you can offer your customers complete, high quality service by managing your price and margin yourself.

Create and distribute your photo books at low cost without compromising the quality of your creations.

Through online stores, Joomeo becomes your business development partner!

Create and share your best slideshows

Publish and manage magnificent slideshows of your videos and photo albums.

Show your most beautiful photos and videos easily and quickly, in HD and full screen versions. With one click you can publish your albums on any website, blog, forum or send them by email. Set all of the parameters for your slideshows (music, permission to download original files, speed…). Use the statistics module to monitor views in real time.

Order your prints from our photo lab

Without leaving your space, you can navigate through all of the Joomeo spaces you have access to.

Order directly from your space and get your photo prints at the best prices in just a few clicks. Discover a wide range of products in the photo lab for showcasing your most beautiful moments and magnificent gifts for your loved ones.

Mobile application, TV, easy access to your space

Joomeo offers numerous applications you can use to access your space easily from a number of devices.

iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or mobile, Windows Phone 7, Yahoo TV, Net TV, Technisat, just take your pick !!