Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the print format that I choose isn’t the same as my camera?

We have chosen to center images on the printing paper. This means that if the print format does not correspond to the photo, white vertical or horizontal borders may appear on the print.. This choice avoids arbitrarily cropping the photo, and therefore "zooming" in on the photo so that it completely fills up the paper.

To help you choose the best print format, here are the major formats (sizes in cm):

"Traditionals photography" formats "DIGITAL" FORMATS FORMATS
9x13 cm 9X11 cm From 9*11 to 9*16 cm
10x15 cm 10x13 cm From 10*13 to 10*18 cm
11x17 cm 11x15 cm From 11*15 to 11*18,5 cm
13x18 cm 13x17 cm From 13*17 to 13*19,5 cm
20x30 cm 20x27 cm -
30x45 cm 30x40 cm -
50x75 cm 50x70 cm -
3/2 width – height ratio
4/3 width – height ratio
"width-height" ratio from 3/2 to 16/9
Silver photography, digital photography with reflex cameras
Digital photography excluding digital photography with reflex cameras (with exceptions)
The largest width corresponds to a 16/9 photo

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