Free photo storage

Enjoy the benefits of free storage space for your photos and videos. and share your fondest memories with your loved ones

Your private and secure space in the EU

Your photos are priceless, entrust their hosting to cloud experts. Joomeo provides you with free, secure storage space on a 100% French infrastructure, to guarantee the protection of your personal data.

5 GB of free, ad-free and 100% private storage!

Slideshows, video streaming, sharing and creating photo books or prints – take advantage of all Joomeo’s free features to showcase and share your photos.

Joomeo has been my personal and professional sharing platform for years and I’d recommend it to anyone.
What’s more, the team is fantastic and always ready to listen.


The opinion of Brigitte, user of Joomeo

Why opt for Joomeo?

For years, Joomeo has been the European alternative to the photo storage and sharing solutions offered by the GAFAs.

With an infrastructure hosted entirely in Europe, managed by teams based exclusively in Europe, Joomeo makes it a point of honour to respect the confidentiality of the data stored on its servers.

This is essential when it comes to personal or even professional photos.

Storage space ranging

5 GB Free
10 TB with classic packages
Unlimited with Pro packages

Storage of data in EU


Storage of files in their original formats


Storage of RAW files


Accepted file types

Photos : jpg, png, heif, heic, gif, tiff, raw, pdf, psd, eps, ai.

Videos : avi, mov, mpg, mp4, hevc.

Online video playback


Private sharing mode


Photo print ordering


Photo book ordering


Slideshow creation and sharing/distribution


Mobile apps for iOS and Android


Direct customer support


Discover Joomeo in video

In just three minutes, we will show you how to easily use your new Joomeo space to store your photos and videos for free.

The advantages of storing your photos and videos online

Putting your photos in an online storage space for free gives you a great deal of freedom. By hosting your images in the cloud, you can access them at any time from any connected device. What’s more, you can save your precious memories on a secure account, safe from the risk of your computer crashing or your external hard drive falling out…

Simple, free and secure photo sharing

Using a free online storage app offers a number of genuine advantages. It makes it much easier to share your files with friends and family members for example. You no longer find yourself blocked from sharing your images due to email file size limits, as everything is now done directly in your Joomeo space. Furthermore, only those with a username and password can access the files you share. It’s simpler and safer!

Joomeo, your secure storage solution

Since 2007, we have been pulling out all the stops to ensure that your photos, videos and RAW and PDF files are safe and secure in your Joomeo account. In order to provide you with the best that online storage has to offer, our experts have created a platform based on the very latest cloud technologies. To ensure your personal data is kept as safe as possible, your images are protected within an infrastructure managed entirely by our teams. Store and share your photos, we take care of the rest.