Joomeo Desktop-Transfer Manager, the application to manage your uploads and downloads.

Joomeo Desktop Transfer Manager

Simple, fast, powerful… Thanks to Joomeo Desktop – Transfer Manager, you can manage your uploads and your downloads without going through your Joomeo space! Joomeo Desktop makes Joomeo “Even faster, even simpler, and even more efficient!”

Why install
Joomeo Desktop - Transfer Manager?

Joomeo Desktop is an application developed by Joomeo to improve your user experience. Thanks to this little piece of stand-alone software, available for Mac and Windows, you can manage things however you like:
- photo and video uploads from your computer to your Joomeo space.
- file downloads from your Joomeo space to your computer.

You can temporarily suspend some or all of the transfers in progress in order to continue them later, relaunch failed downloads, or simply cancel them completely. In short, you remain in control of what happens on your computer and on your Joomeo space!

Am I obligated to install Joomeo Desktop - Transfer Manager?

Joomeo Desktop - Transfer Manager is only essential where you want to download more than 1 GB of data in one go (whether it's an album, a selection containing several files, or just a single file).

You can continue to use the upload and download features provided online in all other scenarios.

On Mac

[ Version 64bits – Compatible macOS Catalina ]
  1. Download the application by clicking on the “Download” button below
  2. Double click on the file JoomeoDesktop_inst.dmg
  3. Double click on the “INSTALL JOOMEO DESKTOP” button then follow the instructions