Joomeo Photobook

Create, edit, view and order your photo book.

Compatible with both Mac and PC, Joomeo Photobook is the ideal companion to your Joomeo space for creating your very own photo books.

What is Joomeo Photobook used for?

Joomeo Photobook is an application that was specially designed by Joomeo for creating and ordering magnificent photo books from your Joomeo space in just a few minutes.

Simple and straightforward, once installed, Joomeo Photobook launches directly from your Joomeo space by clicking on "Create a photo book" in the album's menu or on "Edit a photo book". It offers a user-friendly way to customize your book from the selection of sizes, paper types and cover choices we provide you with.

The layout can be designed in just a few clicks from the many ready-to-use templates available. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even start from a blank page to create a truly unique photo book!

In any case, with Joomeo Photobook, you can personalize any page by adding photos, inserting text and modifying the size and placement of each element according to your wishes... Simply drag and drop!

Do I need to install Joomeo Photobook to order products from the Joomeo photo lab?

Joomeo Photobook's sole purpose is to manage the creation, modification and review of photo books from your Joomeo space. You'll therefore need it for photo books, but not for any other products from our photo lab.

On a PC

  1. Download the application by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD” button below.
  2. Double click on the JoomeoPhotobook_inst.exe file to begin the installation.
  3. If the message “Windows protected your PC” appears, click on “Run anyway”.
  4. Click on “Install” or “Next” in the support window.
  5. Follow the instructions.

On a Mac

  1. Download the application by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD” button below.
  2. Double click on the JoomeoPhotobook_inst_dmg file.
  3. Double click on the “INSTALL Joomeo Photobook” button and follow the instructions.

If a warning message appears and you’re not able to install the application, please refer to this section of the Apple website: Open apps securely on your Mac.