A solution for every need

It doesn't matter whether you're a professional photographer, an enthusiast or just a hobbyist. We offer you the best for your photos and videos.

The interface of your Joomeo space
Easily sell your photos and videos
by activating your shop with just one click.
  • Ultra-simple activation of your sales space.
  • Total control of your photo product catalogue.
  • Sale of digital files.
  • Simple and precise setting of profit margins.
  • Thorough sales follow up.
  • Joomeo takes care of the entire sales process, from order taking to product delivery.
  • Secure payments for your customers.
  • No computer skills required.
Save and organise your images
in a private and secure space.
  • Unlimited number of files, albums and folders.
  • Storage of files in their original format.
  • Maximum size for a photo: 200 MB.
  • Accepted formats: jpg, png, heif, heic, gif, tiff, raw, pdf, psd, eps, ai.
  • Maximum size for a video: 2 GB.
  • Maximum length: unlimited.
  • Online video playback.
  • Accepted formats: avi, mov, mpg, mp4, hevc.
  • IPTC data importation.
  • EXIF data management.
  • Password management.
Share your photos and videos
and closely manage the rights for your contacts.
  • Identification via a unique and customisable login and password.
  • Unlimited number of contacts.
  • Personalised rights for each contact: download, import, order prints, comments.
  • Advanced rights for the contacts of your choice: creation of albums, deletion of added files and/or albums, etc.
  • Real-time changes to rights and shares.
  • Tree structure for contacts.
  • Organisation of contacts by group.
  • Private network of Joomeo users.
  • Easy posting to social networks.
  • Integrated messaging (invitation, updated information).
  • Up to 1,000 emails per day (invitation, updated information).
Manage the distribution of your images
directly from your Joomeo space.
  • Distribution of content without identification.
  • Several distribution modes: slide shows, public albums, public space.
  • Real-time changes to accessible content;
  • Easy distribution via social networks.
  • Easy integration into a website or blog (images and slide shows).
  • Sound tracks for slide shows.
You can request even more
since your Joomeo space is at the centre of your image management.
  • Mobile applications for your iOS and Android devices.
  • Import plugin for Lightroom.
  • JOOMEO DESKTOP, the stand-alone application for easily managing your imports and downloads without going through your computer’s browser.
  • Protection of photos and videos through the addition of watermarks.
  • Unlimited access to the support centre for answers and personalised advice.
  • No advertising, even in sharing.

Any questions?

We can't say everything in just a few words, so we've put together some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find what you're looking for, contact us!
Yes, you can change the watermark text in the “Import” section of your account preferences. We also offer several positions and intensity levels for your watermark, depending on the degree of protection you wish to adopt.
Simply request it from our support centre. You’ll be put in touch with an adviser who will handle your request and provide guidance.
Private sharing requires your visitors to identify themselves with a login and password before accessing your space. It allows you to customise accessible albums and permissions granted to each of your contacts. In other words, private mode guarantees absolute control over the visibility of your content and what people can do with it. Public links, on the other hand, are designed to encourage widespread distribution of your photos and videos, including to people you don’t know. If you keep control of actions such as downloading files or ordering prints, re-sharing your images via social networks or other online media is prompted by buttons that specifically encourage these actions. In short, public links are designed to allow you to promote your talents as a photographer or videographer with just a few clicks.
We’ve designed an excellent tool for this, called Joomeo Desktop Transfer Manager. With a simple drag and drop, you can import all your folders into your space while keeping your disk’s tree structure on Joomeo. In addition, you can stop and restart transfers as you wish and according to your needs, which is also extremely valuable!