We'd like to thank the many people who provided feedback concerning their satisfaction with Joomeo.
Here is a selection of testimonials from professional and amateur users.


Iconos: Professional image bank

"As a photo agency, we send large numbers of visuals to our clients every day. Until now, we've sent them by email, which was very annoying for us as well as our clients, especially when we send 200, 300 or more photos.
With Joomeo, we have finally found a very professional and attractive solution for sharing our images. Clients receive a link and easy access to their private, password-protected space. Clients can view photos using a viewer which showcases our visuals. Another advantage of Joomeo is that we can send very heavy files, which previously couldn't be sent via email."

Mandrak Studio: Professional photographer - Saby M.

"I've been a Joomeo client for a few months, I use it for archiving and centralizing all of my HD photos. Joomeo is an excellent portfolio because it allows me to quickly present my visuals to clients and even work with large size files (36 MB).
Its management tools allow me to create photo files that can be easily retrieved by my contacts. My productivity has increased thanks to Joomeo, which has allowed me to significantly develop my activity over just a short period of time. It's a real service that's become an indispensable tool I use every day."

Alain maigre: Professional photographer

"Sometimes it's difficult to burn digital photos to DVD and mail them. With Joomeo, it's very easy to manage my shots, deposit my photos into collections and create contact files for each client with an access code.
I can give clients an outline of shots in the collection or a very visual slideshow.
I can also upload their large files to use in finished products.
A rapidly developing technical and communication tool, very practical for our profession."

Amateurs :

Dominique C.: Joomeo user

" ... as an 'amateur' photographer who regularly participates in cultural and social events, I've been looking for this kind of solution for a while …your solution is brilliant in its philosophy, magnificent in its presentation and a real joy in its user-friendliness!!!"

Olivier G.: Joomeo user

"We dreamed it and you built it... I just discovered this product: kudos for how you developed it and its user-friendliness!!"

Stéphane V.: Joomeo user

"I've used Joomeo for a while, I'm entirely satisfied and I recommend it to all of my friends. I hope that you continue with this marvelous tool, which replaces all the Coppermine or Picasa albums and other options that I used before finding out about you. My compliments on the quality of work and the extraordinary user-friendliness of the interface."

Frédéric DLC.: Joomeo user

"Brilliant. Your website is not only superb but I also get more out of it with an iPod touch."

Luc J.: Joomeo user

"...Thank you for the user-friendliness and features of your service, as well as the attractive interface which is perfectly compatible with Linux (Ubuntu 7.10), so I can use my large number of contacts."

François P.: Joomeo user

"First of all, kudos for the quality of your service, which met my expectations for photo sharing, much better than Google and Yahoo...
Confidentiality is a very important element. When you put pictures of your children online... And the option to preview photos while updating an album is a big plus."

Cyril H.: Joomeo user

"You've added truly useful options to your already brilliant basic service, so in just one word: perfect!"