Reducing your carbon footprint

How to reduce your carbon footprint 

All human activity generates greenhouse gas emissions. These gasses are all harmful to the environment. Our responsibility is to help you optimize your use of Joomeo to reduce emissions generated by your space.

On our side, we’ve decided to engage in intensive efforts to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Our advice for reducing your carbon footprint on Joomeo

Global warming
  1. Sort it out!
    • Import to your Joomeo space only the photos and videos that are truly relevant to you.
    • Delete all the blurry, badly framed and irrelevant images from your Joomeo albums.
  2. Optimize your storage space!
    • Activate the “do not import duplicate files into the same album” option. As such, you won’t use more storage space than necessary.
    • Don’t take videos in 4k if they’re not going to be viewed on a big screen.
    • Choose the correct resolution when taking your photos. Everyday images don’t necessarily require the same resolution as special occasion photos.
  3. Learn to better leverage the features of your Joomeo space:
    • Send invitations only to relevant contacts who might be interested in your publications.
    • Save energy by setting the correct frequency for automatic backups to your mobile device. Daily backups will result in frequent connections from your mobile device to your Joomeo account.

Take things a step further...

CO2 concentration and ocean acidification
Optimizing your Joomeo use is an excellent first step! You can take your commitment a step further and follow some of the 17 goals for transforming our world, the United Nations’ recommendations for sustainable growth.

First off, do you know what your carbon footprint is?

To act effectively, you need to have a precise idea of the nature and extent of the problem! ADEME and Datagir have handy tools to help you measure your impact. Take the test!

After taking this test, you’ll be able to more effectively measure the impact of your lifestyle on the environment.

In France, the average CO2 equivalent emissions were estimated at 9.9 tons per year per person (Source: Carbone 4-Consulting firm on energy and climate issues).

Considering the number of people on Earth, the consensus is that we shouldn’t exceed 2 tons of annual O2 equivalent emissions in order for the planet to maintain its ability to fully absorb them and avoid creating a climate imbalance…

It’s not about feeling guilty or hiding! Action is far more effective in addressing the ecological challenges we face.