Aperture Plugin

Connect your favorite software to your Joomeo space

Thanks to the Joomeo plug-in for Aperture, you can manage the photos on your computer with your favorite application and export them on Joomeo in the meantime…in just 3 clicks !!

Version: 1.0

Main uses:

- Directly import photos

- Import IPTC data (captions, keywords)

- Import EXIF data

How to install the plug-in:

Decompressing the archive file:

1. Double click the downloaded file and choose where to save the decompressed file

Adding the plug-in to aperture:

1. Double click on the file and follow the instructions

2. Restart Aperture

First time using the plug-in:

1. Select "Export" then select Joomeo...

2. Enter the login information for your Joomeo account (to find your account name, go to “My Profile" on your Joomeo account, your account name is at the end of the url (“demo” in the screen shot)

3. Click on "Login"

4. Wait for the album list to load, then select an album or enter the name of a new album (this album will be created when exporting photos)

5. Configure the export settings to Aperture

6. Click on "Export"

What the plug-in looks like:

Here is a screen shot of the Joomeo plug-in for Aperture as it should appear when opened: