Joomeo, save what matters

Use Joomeo Desktop-Transfer Manager

Efficiently manage your imports and downloads.

Transfer images from your computer to your Joomeo space (upload or download)
  1. Download, install, and run the Joomeo Desktop-Transfer Manager application.
  2. Drag a folder or a file into the indicated area.
  3. Enter your login information.
  4. Check the “Remember me” box to remember your login information.
  5. Select the destination of your import:
    • an album if you import files,
    • a folder or the root of your Joomeo space if it is a directory.
  6. If the album or the destination folder does not already exist, you can create it by clicking on one of the following icons.
  7. Click on the “VALIDATE” button to start the transfer.
Download images from your Joomeo space to your computer:
Download images from a Joomeo space:
  1. Start downloading an album or a selection of files.
  2. In the window that pops up, choose the option “Use the Joomeo Desktop-Transfer Manager application” and then click on “CONTINUE.”
  3. You can then choose to install or run the application:
    • If you have already installed Joomeo Desktop-Transfer Manager, choose “RUN.”
    • Otherwise, install the application. At the end of the procedure, go back to the “Use the JOOMEO DESKTOP-Transfer Manager application” window in Joomeo and click on “CONTINUE.”
  4. Select a destination folder on your computer where the files should be downloaded and confirm.That’s it! Joomeo Desktop-Transfer Manager has started your download.
Download from the application:
  1. In the Joomeo Desktop-Transfer Manager window, click on the “DOWNLOAD” menu at the top of the window.
  2. Enter your credentials.
  3. Check the “Remember me” box to remember your login information.
  4. Choose the folders, albums or images you want to download.
  5. Choose the destination of the transfer on your computer then confirm … the download will start automatically.

Whether in upload or download mode, you can enter each task line by double-clicking on it to track the progress of file-by-file transfers.


Transfer in progress

The user has stopped the transfer

The transfer has been completed

The transfer encountered some errors. Some files were unable to be imported to your Joomeo space or downloaded to your computer


You have started downloading an album. Double-click on this icon to view the list of files in the album.

You have started uploading a folder. Double-click on this icon to view the list of elements in the folder that was uploaded or is currently being uploaded (images or subfolders).

You have started transferring selected files. Double-click on this icon to view the list of files in this selection.

Preview a file in your download list.

Preview a file in your upload list.


Add a new album

Add a new folder

Pause a transfer.

Resume a paused transfer.

Open the folder on your computer that you are transferring (folder transferred to Joomeo or folder receiving the download).

Delete a task.


These buttons act globally, which means they act on all tasks displayed in a Joomeo Desktop-Transfer Manager window at once.

Delete all finished tasks (those marked with this icon )

Stop all tasks that are in progress.

Resume all tasks that have been previously paused (those marked with this icon )

Delete all tasks with any status.

The progress bar

This bar allows you a quick view of:

  • A file’s transfer progress (blue).
  • The album or selection’s transfer progress (dark gray).
  • Joomeo Desktop-Transfer Manager is only required if you are transferring more than 1 GB of data at once (whether it’s an album or a selection containing several files, or just one file).
  • If you are only transferring one file that is under 100MB, you can use the download manager, our 100% online system that doesn’t require installation.
  • To transfer one file that is larger than 100MB, or a group of files that are under 1GB altogether, you may choose either of the transfer solutions.