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Take photographs

Content creation is your realm, so have fun doing it and enjoy yourself! We'll then be there to help you with the rest of the process!


Your Joomeo space is more than just a simple storage space. It's a powerful tool for keeping your media centralized in one place and managing how it's shared and distributed.

Share and distribute

Using our embedded links, you can display your images and slideshows wherever you like. We even provide you with the embed code!

Control and manage the distribution of your images

Create embed links to use to integrate the photos, videos and slideshows hosted in your Joomeo space into as many blogs and forums as you like.

You’ll be able to deactivate and reactivate the link whenever you choose with just a single click!

Create and distribute slideshows

Integrating a slideshow into a blog or a website adds energy and dynamism to your content to make it really stand out. It’s also a very popular and user-friendly way of sharing photos and images.

A simple easy-to-share link

We no longer have the time to open large email attachments these days. Send hundreds of photos or videos by email or via an instant messaging service using just one simple link.

What is an image host?

"Image host", "video host", "photo host": What do these terms mean and in what way is hosting different from photo or video storage?There is a slight difference between the concept of media hosting and that of online photo storage.With media hosting, the file uploaded to the online server can be published or shared, and this can be done publicly in most cases.

An image host is therefore a service provider that provides its users with disk space on an online server.The user can use this space to upload their photos and videos, as well as other kinds of files too sometimes. Once uploaded, these files can then easily be shared or published via a simple link.

Hosting an image is not the same as storing it online.

A photo hosting service makes it possible to publish images online by optimizing the file size of the image to make it quick to display in browsers.

Beware however! Some free hosting services radically alter the files in order to reduce them in size.

Your photos or videos thus end up compressed or reframed to such an extent that they become practically unusable outside the kind of usages offered by the hosting platform.

This is where Joomeo differs from these kinds of services…

Joomeo is more than just a simple image host.

We make it our priority to preserve the quality of your files and prevent any deterioration. Your photos and videos are therefore never degraded on our platform.

This does not, however, prevent us from being one of the best photo hosting solutions on the market!

With our public links concept, you can directly integrate optimized previews of your photos and videos, or slideshows created in your Joomeo space, into your blog pages.