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Create your photo book on Joomeo

A simple and fluid interface to create a photo book in your image.
Create your photo book on Joomeo
Joomeo offers a wide selection of photo books and a large number of layout templates to personalize in just a few clicks. Here is a quick guide to start creating your photo album:
  1. Enter an album and choose “create the photo book” from the action bar menu at the top of the page.
  2. In the window that opens, click on the “INSTALL THE APPLICATION” button to install our Joomeo Photobook module. This will allow you to create, edit and view your photo book. If you have already installed this application, just click on “LAUNCH APPLICATION”.
  3. Joomeo Photobook is automatically launched in a window independent of your browser. You can start creating your photo book.
  4. Choose your photo book format.
  5. Select the type of cover you want: paper cover, soft cover ou hard cover.
  6. Choose the filling mode that suits you best:
    1. Blank photo book: you choose your page layout and the photos as you create your book.
    2. Fill the book with random page payouts: our system selects the format of each page for you.
    3. Choose the page layouts for all the pages: you can choose page layouts that will be used both for left and right pages in your photo book.
    4. Choose left hand page layouts and right hand page layouts for the photo book: you choose the page layouts that will be used by the system to automatically populate the left hand pages and the right hand pages of your photo book.
  7. Check the “Fill my book, with my selection” box if you want your book filled automatically using the photos in your album. If you prefer to choose the location of each photo yourself, uncheck this option.
  8. Indicate the type of paper you want to use (satin, glossy, matt photo or glossy photo) and the number of pages.
  9. Validate to start creating your book.
  10. Once the layout is finished, check that it conforms to your wishes by clicking on the viewer just above to the right of the layout area.
  11. Click on the “RETURN” button to exit the viewer and then on “VALIDATE” to launch the command.
  12. In the window that opens, check that no anomaly is reported by our system (empty page, missing image …), check the box “I confirm that the book is ready to be ordered” then click on the “ORDER” button.
When you’re creating a photo book containing several dozen photos it’s sometimes difficult to remember which photos have already been used. Thanks to Joomeo, relax! A small marker shows how many times each photo appears in your book… you’re done with duplicates! Our layout tool offers many functions to customize each of your pages: adding, deleting and rotating photos or texts, customizing layout templates, duplicating a template on several pages, choosing the color of background of a page according to the tones of a photo, etc. Discover in our video the advanced functions available to create a photo book in your image.
Our application for creating or reading a photo book is not autonomous. It must be launched from your Joomeo space to function properly. It is therefore not necessary to create a shortcut on your computer.