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We can't say everything in just a few words, so we've put together some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find what you're looking for, contact us!

A Joomeo store is a Joomeo space that has had its sales space function (my store) activated by the account administrator.

This function enables the account administrator to sell their photos at prices they set themselves.

The ordering process used by contacts/invited users remains the same. The functions and authorizations pertaining to sharing are not affected when you activate or disable a Joomeo store.

Joomeo stores mean an end to the laborious work involved in dealing with your customers’ orders. Your customers choose the photos they want to purchase and place their orders themselves. You no longer need to do anything: we take care of it all from initial payment through to after sales service !

Any user subscribed to our DYNAMIC service (or one of our Enterprise services) can create and activate their own Joomeo store.

Important: an administrator of a Joomeo space wishing to activate the Store function, either on behalf of a corporation or as a professional or private individual, must be legally entitled to operate a business and must also declare revenue earned to the appropriate authorities

Absolutely not! Your Joomeo space remains completely private and only open to your chosen contacts. This remains the case whether the Store function is activated for your Joomeo space or not.

The Joomeo store option does affect the sharing authorizations you have given to your contacts.

Your contacts’ authorizations for each shared album will remain exactly the same after activating your store as they were before.

Only those contacts authorized to order photo products will be able to do so, whether you activate your Joomeo store or not.

Contacts to whom you have not given this authorization will not be able to access the “Order prints of photos in the album” option.